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The Mental Health Manager provides services to facilitate a variety of needs. If you are looking for a way to incorporate a mental health perspective into your business, non-profit, or personal life, booking The Mental Health Manager is your best bet!

Services: Services


For-Profit Businesses, Non-Profits, Universities and Other Organizations

At The Mental Health Manager, we offer opportunities for group facilitation. 

Examples include: Self-Care, Burnout Reduction, Conflict Resolution, Critical Conversations and Rapport Building Among Groups. 

Custom presentations related to how to identify opportunities to enhance mental wellness in your specific area of work are also available.

The Mental Health Manager is dedicated to finding a way to connect mental health to a diverse set of topics.

*Rates Begin at $60 Per Hour depending on group size*


Entrepreneurs and Those Seeking Personal Development

At The Mental Health Manager, one of our primary services includes serving as your  mental health consultant. 

A mental health consultant can:

-Help you manage your "business anxiety" meaning managing the feelings that arise from the stress, uncertainty, and fear that come from the role of being an entrepreneur. A mental health consultant can help you identify patterns of behavior and thinking that may need to be changed in order to help your business. 

-Help you manage you personal development related to your WHY in business. If you have a hard time connected your story or journey to your business in a compelling way, you can benefit from a mental health consultant.

-Help you with accountability. Often, we all need a little push to accomplish goals that we set for ourselves. A mental health consultant can help you do this consistently and help you identify the reasons why you get stuck and/or help you identify practical skills to help you stay on track with your goals.

*Rates begin at $50 Per 45 minute session*



Event Organizers, Virtual Events Hosts and Planners

The Mental Health Manager is here to help your virtual engagements stay fresh, relevant and factual. Hosting a virtual event has become a part of the new normal. It doesn't have to be boring and as long as the right people are involved, it won't be! 
*Rates vary depending on event*

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